Mexicon Vol. 43 (2021)

Luisa Villani
The Mathematical and Geometrical forms of the Hurricane in the Totonac Flyers’ Dance at Tajin
(Mexicon 43.1, February 2021: 7-17)

Alejandro Sarabia González
Esculturas de rostros humanos con parálisis facial en Teotihuacan
(Mexicon 43.2, April 2021: 30-37)

Alessia Frassani
Who commissioned the Codex Borbonicus?
(Mexicon 43.3, June 2021: 52-59)

Grace Lloyd Bascopé, Elias Alcocer Puerto, Ions Bruckner, Lauren Rochelle, and Josie Lawlor
Restoring Natural Capital, Respecting Communal Norms, Implementing a Design/Build Model
(Mexicon 43.4, August 2021: 72-77)

Mario Alfredo Mercado Alvarez
Nueva Jerusalén, un laberinto en el sur de Quintana Roo
(Mexicon 43.4, August 2021: 77-83)

Blas R. Castellón Huerta
Anthropomorphic Stone Sculptures from the Classic Period at Santo Nombre, Puebla, Mexico
(Mexicon 43.5, October 2021: 101-109)

Sharisse McCafferty and Geoffrey McCafferty
Reading Nicaraguan Ceramics: Yacatecuhtli on the Mesoamerican Frontier
(Mexicon 43.5, October 2021: 109-115)

Marcie L. Venter, Sean Carr and Shayna Lindquist
Using pXRF to Elucidate Obsidian Sources at Formative and Classic Period Matacanela, Veracruz, Mexico
(Mexicon 43.6, December 2021: 128-135)

Mirko De Tomassi
To grasp the bundle: the funerary usage of bone needles in Late Classic Palenque
(Mexicon 43.6, December 2021: 135-142)