Mexicon Vol. 46 (2024)

Felix Kupprat, Nicholas P. Dunning, Armando Anaya Hernández, Jeffrey Brewer, Shane Montgomery, Christopher Carr, and Kathryn Reese-Taylor
A New Captive Panel from Aguada 2 at Calakmul
(Mexicon 46.1,February 2024: 5-13)

Rebecca J. Appert and E. Cory Sills
Sourcing of Obsidian from the Late Postclassic Site of Placencia Village, Belize
(Mexicon 46.1,February 2024: 13-20)

Michael P. Smyth and David Ortegón Zapata
Deep caves, decorated pottery, and sacred landscapes: regal-ritual water in the Puuc Hills
(Mexicon 46.2, April 2024: 32-46)