Mexicon Vol. 45 (2023)

Holley Moyes, Asia Alsgaard, Erin E. Ray, and Laura Kosakowsky
Caves, Wind Jewels, and Ancestors: What’s a Nice Wind Jewel Like You Doing in a Place Like This?
(Mexicon 45.1, February 2023: 6-18)

Philippe Nondédéo, Julien Hiquet, Hemmamuthé Goudiaby, Julie Patrois, and Nikolai Grube
Naachtun Altar 8: New Data from an Early Classic Monument
(Mexicon 45.1, February 2023: 18-23)

Jason Yaeger, Christophe Helmke, M. Kathryn Brown, Marc Zender, Bernadette Cap and Carolyn Freiwald
A Shell Gorget from Feature 384-2 at Buenavista del Cayo, Belize
(Mexicon 45.2, April 2023: 25, 30-41, 52)

Helen R. Haines, Alec McLellan, and Kerry L. Sagebiel
There is Post-Classic here!: A Reinvestigation of Coco Chan, a Curious Site in the Ka’kabish-Lamanai Corridor, Belize
(Mexicon 45.2, April 2023: 42-46)

Sarah Kurnick, David Rogoff, Iliana Ancona Aragón, and Nicholas Puente
Variable Precipitation and Maya Persistence at Punta Laguna, Yucatan, Mexico
(Mexicon 45.3, June 2023: 59-65)

Scott E. Simmons, W. James Stemp, Jeffrey R. Ferguson, and Elizabeth Graham
Recent pXRF Analysis of Obsidian from Marco Gonzalez, Ambergris Caye, Belize
(Mexicon 45.3, June 2023: 65-74)

Rod Heitzmann and Ulrich Wölfel
A stela with painted iconography from Quen Santo Cave II
(Mexicon 45.4, August 2023: 81-87)

Nicholas A. Hopkins
Language Isolates and Trade Routes in Pre-Columbian America
(Mexicon 45.4, August 2023: 87-95)

Judith Ruiz González, Yahaira Núñez Cortés, Yamile Lira López, Jorge Ezra Cruz Palma, and Carlos Serrano Sánchez
Reconstrucción paleodietaria de un sector de la población preclásica de Maltrata, Veracruz
(Mexicon 45.5, October 2023: 101-114)

Diego Matadamas-Gomora
The Aztec rain god from the church of La Enseñanza, Mexico City
(Mexicon 45.6, December 2023: 128-133)

Jonathan Extract
The view from above: Tableau landscapes, perspective, and spatial epistemology in Mesoamerican visual culture and narrativey
(Mexicon 45.6, December 2023: 134-148)