Mexicon Vol. 44 (2022)

Antonio Aimi and Raphael Tunesi
The Catalogue Raisonné of Master 1 of Yopaat B’ahlam and his relationship with Calakmul
(Mexicon 44.1, February 2022: 8-19)

Alfredo Barrera Rubio, Nahim Alcocer Espejel y Lucy Chan Miss
Un ajuar funerario de Mex Kan Chén, Yucatán
(Mexicon 44.1, February 2022: 1, 20-32, 36)

Sebastián Matteo and Céline Gillot
Sihyaj K’ahk’: A New Portrait on a Late Classic Maya Vase from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
(Mexicon 44.2, April 2022: 37, 47-55, 64)

Gaia Carosi
An Archaeological Survey at the Ex-Hacienda Xoclán
(Mexicon 44.2, April 2022: 56-60)

Zoë J. Rawski
A Late Preclassic Cache with Greenstone Heads from Early Xunantunich, Belize
(Mexicon 44.3, June 2022: 74-79)

Garrett Cook
A template for Mesoamerican pilgrimage
(Mexicon 44.4, August 2022: 94-106)

Nicholas Dunning, Guido Krempel, and Stephan Merk
Yaxche Xlabpak and its stelae
(Mexicon 44.4, August 2022: 107-115)

Carlos Rincón Mautner
A Ñuiñe Style Rain God portrait from the Coixtlahuaca Basin (Cover)
(Mexicon 44.5, October 2022: 130-135)

Andrés G. Mejía Ramón y Tom Froese
Un Monumento Teotihuacano al Dios de las Tormentas con Tocado de Signo del Año en el Santuario de Tlaloc
(Mexicon 44.5, October 2022: 135-140)

Zachary Hruby, David Stuart, Daniel Vallejo-Cáliz, and Scott Hutson
An Incised Ceramic Vessel Excavated at Ucí, Yucatán, Mexico
(Mexicon 44.6, December 2022: 153-161)

Stephan Merk, Nikolai Grube and Thomas Huacuja Gallmannn
New Dates from the Maya Puuc site of Yaxche Ku and the Discovery of a Unique Stone Lintel
(Mexicon 44.6, December 2022: 162-167)