Mexicon Vol. 41 (2019)

Sarah E. Jackson and Linda A. Brown
Water and ancestors: Tangible and intangible resources at Say Kah, Belize
(Mexicon 41.1, February 2019: 11-20)

Angela C. Huster
Maguey use at Postclassic Calixtlahuaca
(Mexicon 41.1, February 2019: 20-27)

Elodie Mas
Fragmentos de identidad: el estilo tecnológico Sayula para la manufactura de ornamentos de concha (450–1000 d.C.)
(Mexicon 41.2, April 2019: 40-49)

Thomas Vonk
The wart in his face: Remarks on Jansen’s identification of 4 Jaguar in Mixtec Codices as Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl Nacxitl of Cholula-Tollan. Evidences from the Codices Tonindeye/Nuttall and Iya Nacuaa/Colombino-Becker
(Mexicon 41.2, April 2019: 49-55)

Virginia Ochoa-Winemiller and Terance L. Winemiller
Obsidian Exchange, Pottery Production, and Hybrid Styles in Ancient Eastern Honduras
(Mexicon 41.3, June 2019: 68-77)

Geoffrey McCafferty
Mixteca-Puebla Style Ceramics from Early Postclassic Pacific Nicaragua
(Mexicon 41.3, June 2019: 77-83)

Christophe Helmke, Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase
Another Look at Stela 2 of Caracol, Belize
(Mexicon 41.4, August 2019: 97-104)

Laura J. Levi, Christian Sheumaker and Sarah Boudreaux
Technologies of Movement at Wari Camp, Belize
(Mexicon 41.4, August 2019: 105-111)

Lars Frühsorge und Christian Brückner
Keramiken aus Cholula in der Völkerkundesammlung der Hansestadt Lübeck
(Mexicon 41.5, October 2019: 117-118; 129-133; 144)

Eric Gelliot
Las serpientes y el jaguar, influencias mixteca-puebla en el arte rupestre Hondureño: La cueva pintada de San Francisco Lempira
(Mexicon 41.5, October 2019: 133-139)

Whittaker Schroder, Charles Golden, Andrew Scherer, Timothy M. Murtha and Omar Alcover Firpi
Remote Sensing and Reconnaissance along the Lacantún River: The Lakamtuun Dynasty and the Sites of El Palma and Benemérito de las Américas, Primera Sección
(Mexicon 41.6, December 2019: 157-167)