Mexicon Vol. 39 (2017)

Susan Milbrath
Eclipse Imagery on the Aztec Calendar Stone
(Mexicon 39.1, February 2017: 16-26)

John Garton and Karl A. Taube
An Olmec Style Statuelle in the Worcester Art Museum
(Mexicon 39.2, April 2017: 29, 35-40)

María José Con Uribe y Octavio Q. Esparza Olguín
Viejos y nuevos monumentos encontrados en Cobá, Quintana Roo
(Mexicon 39.2, April 2017: 41-47)

Andrew D. Turner
Ixtapan del Oro Monument 1 and the Transition from War Serpent to Xiuhcoatl in Late Classic Mesoamerica
(Mexicon 39.3, June 2017: 00-00)

Meaghan M. Peuramaki-Brown
Revisiting the Ancient Maya of Alabama, Belize: Description, Recent Research, and Future Directions
(Mexicon 39.3, June 2017: 00-00)

Bruce Love
Authenticity of the Grolier Codex remains in doubt
(Mexicon 39.4, August 2017: 88-95)

Rogelio Valencia Rivera, Ramón Carrasco Vargas y María Cordeiro Baqueiro
Los mascarones de la Gran Plaza de la ciudad de Calakmul
(Mexicon 39.4, August 2017: 96-101)

Sheldon Skaggs, Christophe Helmke, Jon Spenard, Paul F. Healy and Terry G. Powis
Some Observations and New Discoveries Related to Altar 3, Pacbitun, Belize

(Mexicon 39.5, October 2017: 115-123)

Daniel Graña-Behrens and Vera Tiesler
Burning Bodies during Maya Censer Rituals. New Insights from Monumental Sculptures and Skeletal Remains from Yucatan, Mexico
(Mexicon 39.5, October 2017: 123-132)

Julia Guernsey, Michael Love, Rebecca Mendelsohn, Sergio Romero, and Andrew Turner
Late Formative feline pedestal sculptures and an iconography of cacao
(Mexicon 39.6, December 2017: 151-169)