Mexicon Vol. 36 (2014)

Mads Skytte Jørgensen and Kong F. Cheong
A West Mexican Lagunillas figurine at the National Museum of Denmark
(Mexicon 36.1, February 2014: 15-18)

Willem VanEssendelft
Reconsidering the Tulane Fragment: A new analysis of a rare Aztec tepetlacalli
(Mexicon 36.3, June 2014: 85-88)

Norman Hammond, Eric Heller, Brett A. Houk, and Gair Tourtellot, III
Three New Stelae at La Milpa, Belize?
(Mexicon 36.3, June 2014: 88-93)

James A. Doyle and Stephen D. Houston
Confederate Curio: A Wooden Carving from Tikal, Guatemala
(Mexicon 36.5, October 2014: 139-145)

W. James Stemp, Jaime J. Awe and Christophe Helmke
The Macrolith of El Chiquero, Belize
(Mexicon 36.5, October 2014: 145-150)