Mexicon Vol. 42 (2020)

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For the most recent issues (vol. XIV, no. 1; February 2020) please use the following links, where you can download the complete issue in PDF format.
Hemos convenido cancelar temporalmente el envío de ejemplares de la revista mexicon afuera de Europa.
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Franco D. Rossi and David Stuart
Stela 30: A New Window into Eighth Century Xultun
(Mexicon 42.1, February 2020: 12-15)

Miguel Covarrubias Reyna
Field surveys south of Coba, Quintana Roo
(Mexicon 42.1, February 2020: 16-22)

Jon Spenard and Christophe Helmke
A Terminal Classic Period Molded-carved Ceramic Production Mold from Actun Xtuyul, Pacbitun, Belize
(Mexicon 42.2, April 2020: 32-37)

Michael P. Smyth, Nicholas P. Dunning, Christopher Carr and David Ortegón Zapata
Preclassic Settlement Hierarchy and First Farmers: A Preliminary Reconnaissance of the Puuc Hills
(Mexicon 42.2, April 2020: 38-55)