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Verlag Anton Saurwein
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mexicon is available only by annual volume subscription.
Back numbers are available (Vols. 1-5 on microfiche only).
To subscribe, to change an address, or to order back issues,
please write to the publisher here or use our online order form.

After receiving your order mexicon will send the next available issue to your postal address given above including already published issues of the current volume if applicable. An invoice will be included also.

Subscription Prices:

  • Within Germany:

Individuals/Institutions: EURO 25,00 per volume (6 issues)
Students: EURO 20,00 per volume (6 issues)
incl. Tax (MwSt.) and delivery

  • Within Europe:

Individuals/Institutions/Students: EURO 33,00 per volume (6 issues)
incl. surface mail; for airmail delivery add EURO 5,00

  • Overseas:

Individuals/Institutions/Students: US$ 50,00 per volume (6 issues)
incl. airmail delivery

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If so, please make sure to include all the information asked for in the form:
Fax: +49 8121-924930

For further information, please contact mexicon:

Verlag Anton Saurwein
Gatterburgstr. 15
80689 München
Fax +49 8121-924 930